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Chuck Stephenson
FBI SEALHomelans Security Certification
Charles P. Stephenson, 
Former FBI Agent
Graduate FBI National Academy
President of The Orion Group


Mr.Stephenson is a former FBI Agent, FBI Police Instructor, FBI - SWAT/Firearms Instructor/Defensive Tactics Instructor, FBI Flight Instructor, FBI National Academy Instructor and concealed carry instructor for Kansas and Missouri. Mr. Stephenson is certified by Taser International as a Taser instructor for Private Security Officers. Mr.Stephenson is a graduate of the AELE institute Lethal/Less Lethal program and is pursuing his Certified Litigation Specialist - Police designation thru AELE. Mr. Stephenson expertise and hands on experience can provide valuable insight into use of force issues as they pertain to fourth amendment guidelines, subjective reasonableness and threat assessment that arise out of use of force incidents. Mr. Stephenson has over 30 years experience in Public Law Enforcement, Contract Security Guard Operations and the Private Investigative Industry. He has testified and rendered opinions in State and Federal court concerning lethal/less lethal issues and failure to provide adequate security at bars, apartment complexes, shopping malls, office complexes and Special Event gatherings.

Mr. Stephenson utilizes his expertise and experience to examine false arrest/illegal detention, wrongful death and excessive use of force issues by Private Security and Public Law enforcement officers.

Mr. Stephenson approaches each case with a "Best Practice" evaluation tempered with 30 years of operational field experience. Mr. Stephenson understands that training, policies and procedures must be audited on continual basis to insure they comply with recent use of force court decisions.

Through his investigative firm, Mr. Stephenson conducts civil/criminal investigations, locates and interviews witnesses and offers subpoena services.